New Console, Modern Platform—Open Enterprise Server 2023

Don't miss updating OpenText™ Open Enterprise Server (OES)—your trusty end-user collaboration platform. Here are at least two reasons you’ll want to upgrade: 1. A modernized platform: built on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15, leveraging many innovations like unified installer. 2. A brand-new Unified Management Console (UCM) introducing key shifts such as: - Highly responsive UI that’s easy to deploy and debug. - Simplified workflows for managing features or services without switching tools. - Secure access with OAuth2 authentication, with multi-factor authentication coming soon. Need more than these two reasons? There’s also the new iPrint driver and profile management tool. Plus, new security advancements help you meet the highest standards of protecting a business environment. So, don’t wait! Start using OES 2023 today. We have carefully selected the below resources to help you upgrade.